Bàn phím Dell Latitude E4310 (ko đèn)

Tình trạng: Còn hàng | Mã SP: filmdell49

No. 153 Le Thanh Nghi Street, Dong Tam Ward, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi.

Warranty : 06 months

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Tuong Chi Lam specializes in distributing laptops, genuine Laptop components, replacing batteries, laptop keyboards at the best price, along with a team of skilled technicians, enthusiastic attentive, Tuong Chi Lam said no to repaired goods, poor quality goods

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  • Code : filmdell49
  • Row Type: Dell Latitude E4310 Keyboard (No Light)
  • Unit Price: 400,000 VND
  • Origin: Imported.
  • Warranty and service: Long-term warranty 06 months .1 exchange 1 immediately for 06 months when manufacturer errors such as button paralysis, keyboard chaos, keystrokes at no time.
  • Promotion: Support shipping fee for orders of 1 million or more within a radius of 3km.
  • Commitment: Tuong Chi Lam only sells high quality goods. With quality criteria as the top, they stop committing not to sell poor quality, affecting customers' laptops. Tuong Chi Lam 10 points for trust
  • Note when using laptop battery:

Avoid keyboards from hitting hard, avoiding laptop crashes

Avoid water-stained keyboards, limit storage and use of laptops in low humidity conditions.

Clean the keyboard regularly.


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